Social Media:The Fuel of Citizen Journalism.




Convential media.As brick & motar as banks and foodstores, this well laid pipeline of information seemingly inbedded itself into our national psyche and became an institution.Breaking news coverage or even war correspondence was dependant on the speed of camera crews and later satellite uplink bandwidth.Even with this, restrictions abounded.How to be there as it was happening, usually relugated to an eyewitness account or an account given by phone.It seemed a threshold was reached….or was it?

As the mid 2000’s began to see the development of several technologies (web,computers & smartphones) the rise of the mobile informational experience began to take root.Hence the creation of social media.This new paradigm of connectivity redefined the user interface,as a whole.The tremors were felt thru all of regular media and things were changed forever.The ubiquity of smart devices meant an ocean of real time contentĀ  either streamed or as uploads and tweets.The average joe could now be on par with Anderson Cooper in full HD and have just as much exposure.

This will mean much for future of society as a whole, even globally.Eyes everywhere will mean extreme transparency,both on top and bottom.That proverbial playing field increasingly being levelled will create rich stories with a hundred vantage points giving the truth many roads on its way toward the light.


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