For Hearts & Minds:Social Media in Foreign Policy & Warfare

For Hearts & Minds:Social media in foreign policy & warfare.
Since its inception,social media as a platform has gone thru its growth spurts which led to the media landscape being inextricably changed forever.Ideas, companies, governments as well as social movements have all sought to use this medium to reach the masses, advancing their agenda.This of course, can be for better or for worse.A voice for everyone is just that:a voice for everyone regardless of topic.As most consumers are hyper connected and observing events in real time,the ability to sway public opinion virally,has never been easier.From past national elections to the recently renewed war on terror,the proverbial “game” is quickly being changed. Authorities now on the electro offensive have found themselves trying to mitigate risk as well as vy for control of an increasingly connected population that’s seeking answers and very aware.



Old handbooks may be thrown out,new ones written as we collectively move ahead searching for middle ground.This will continue to be a challenging subject.


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