Faith vs Technology in the near future.

Continuing from the previous blog entry,I continue to explore what place traditional religious instituions will have in the near future.With science becoming increasingly more astute,the known unkowns are seemingly being adressed in more spectacular fashion.From universal origins being explored  to nano-technology,we seem to be in a knowledge trajectory that will soon exponentially rip right thru the roof.The interesting question remains:What place will faith based systems play in this new paradigm.Will they even have a place? Some religious groups are extremely uncomfortable with the idea of advanced technologies,transhumanism,implants or even hinting at evolution etc etc.Is this genuine concern or is this motivated by ego? I think eventually the two will have to learn to coexist peacefully or even merge at some point,recognizing that one actually compliments the other.Being at odds benefits none.The future lies with co operation and collaboration.