Smartphone Addiction:Another Silly Notion

Stepping on the subway/metro/tube one cant help but notice the sea of LCD’s
and eyeballs reflecting its HD light.Heads all bent at an angle…makes me wonder what we all did before this.
Jogs my memory.
They say we are addicted to our tech,implying that its analagous to some sort of narcotic as
we check and recheck our status updates 150 times a day.(I’m more like in the high 80’s)
And yes we dont leave the house unless we are at %90 power….valid points.However i pose an alternate theory.
More along the lines of this being the preliminary stages of total tech integration.The gradual fusion of man
and machine.Technology is finally catching up with the intention….slowly we are becoming cyborgs.No longer
will the online be some abstract area but rather part of the entire 3-d space we exist in (see nanotechnology/internet of things)
becoming as ubiquitos as electricity and air.This is not an addiction but a necessity as we evolve with the information.
Wearable computing will have much to say on this topic.Glasses,displays,smart clothing,implants….we have a lot to look foward to.
Shut up and take my money.