Smartphone Addiction:Another Silly Notion

Stepping on the subway/metro/tube one cant help but notice the sea of LCD’s
and eyeballs reflecting its HD light.Heads all bent at an angle…makes me wonder what we all did before this.
Jogs my memory.
They say we are addicted to our tech,implying that its analagous to some sort of narcotic as
we check and recheck our status updates 150 times a day.(I’m more like in the high 80’s)
And yes we dont leave the house unless we are at %90 power….valid points.However i pose an alternate theory.
More along the lines of this being the preliminary stages of total tech integration.The gradual fusion of man
and machine.Technology is finally catching up with the intention….slowly we are becoming cyborgs.No longer
will the online be some abstract area but rather part of the entire 3-d space we exist in (see nanotechnology/internet of things)
becoming as ubiquitos as electricity and air.This is not an addiction but a necessity as we evolve with the information.
Wearable computing will have much to say on this topic.Glasses,displays,smart clothing,implants….we have a lot to look foward to.
Shut up and take my money.


Faith vs Technology in the near future.

Continuing from the previous blog entry,I continue to explore what place traditional religious instituions will have in the near future.With science becoming increasingly more astute,the known unkowns are seemingly being adressed in more spectacular fashion.From universal origins being explored  to nano-technology,we seem to be in a knowledge trajectory that will soon exponentially rip right thru the roof.The interesting question remains:What place will faith based systems play in this new paradigm.Will they even have a place? Some religious groups are extremely uncomfortable with the idea of advanced technologies,transhumanism,implants or even hinting at evolution etc etc.Is this genuine concern or is this motivated by ego? I think eventually the two will have to learn to coexist peacefully or even merge at some point,recognizing that one actually compliments the other.Being at odds benefits none.The future lies with co operation and collaboration.

Transhumanism:A New Kind of Evolution.

For many decades,the subject of Post Humanity was one of the hypothetical,science fiction,what if scenerio’s.images.224

However recent advancements in technology has now brought the conversation into the realm of tangibility.The premise of Transhumanism is basically upgrading the human condition thru the application of available technologies.Very advanced technologies mind you,something in existence perhaps a decade from now when Artificial Intelligence,Biotech and Nanotechnologies reign supreme.This expotential increase in speed and knowledge leading to an event coined by futurist Ray Kurzweil as THE SINGULARITY.(This event simply being a rate of change so fast and profound it changes humanity forever.Its intelligent effects expanding outward into the universe at light speed)


What does this all mean? Not sure but we will most certainly have a plethora of options.I also believe this new paradigm of technology will progress to the point where it becomes almost a spiritual science.The unseen and seen merging together in into a seamless stream of intelligent consciousness.Again my own late night theories running amuck.However these type ideas are beginning to enter into the national conversation.Stay tuned.

Next blog will explore faith and religion vs transhumanist ideals.

Virtual Life

As i recall,the early ninties saw a sincere but unsuccessful attempt at virtual reality.Its reincarnation, aptly named, Immersion technology seeks to restart from a fresh vantage point.Utilizing stereoscopic vision, head tracking, and motion/gesture controls, the user is literally placed in a 3D virtual space. Looking in any direction is rewarded by the environment reacting to you…the user.This is not your dad’s VR.This new resource will create endless applications for movies, gaming, military, even reinventing online social interactions.Recent systems slated for release are Oculus Rift, Morphius Project and Samsung Gear VR, all part of the ever expanding wearables market.Where this leads is anyone’s guess but I am happy enough to be along for the ride.

Our Robotic Future…

images   Autonomous systems,Artificial intelligence,Cognizant computing,many names,new ideas.  One of numerous emerging genres of technology that will continue to alter the landscape over the next decade.  The onset of this new trend however have not been without feelings of trepidation. Many still remember the trilogy of Terminator movies. An ominious warning of the result of hyper advanced technology left unsupervised and gone awry. This quasi phobia still persists unfortunatly,Arnold Swarzeneggers metallic face still etched into our memories. However this unfounded fear need not make us adversarial when it comes to robotics or artificial intelligence. I believe our experience will be one of mutual growth and a co-operation. Collective human intelligence will push the machines and they in turn will advance us. We will ascend new heights but together.Self driving cars,virtual assistants,Watson,D-wave,this is the early days as we lay the foundation. We will be better than we’ve ever been .

The Future is Transparency


With digital privacy being a phrase on everyone’s lips, being anonymous in an age of hyper-connectivity seems to be an effort almost in vain.By 2020 billions of connected smart devices will create personal mesh networks bringing in this Internet of Things.Always augmented-always on.24/7 stream of data or big data as they say.We will have to establish our digital comfort zone and seek balance in regards to privacy.Keeping our footprint to a manageable level will be imperative.