Transhumanism:A New Kind of Evolution.

For many decades,the subject of¬†Post Humanity¬†was one of the hypothetical,science fiction,what if scenerio’s.images.224

However recent advancements in technology has now brought the conversation into the realm of tangibility.The premise of Transhumanism is basically upgrading the human condition thru the application of available technologies.Very advanced technologies mind you,something in existence perhaps a decade from now when Artificial Intelligence,Biotech and Nanotechnologies reign supreme.This expotential increase in speed and knowledge leading to an event coined by futurist Ray Kurzweil as THE SINGULARITY.(This event simply being a rate of change so fast and profound it changes humanity forever.Its intelligent effects expanding outward into the universe at light speed)


What does this all mean? Not sure but we will most certainly have a plethora of options.I also believe this new paradigm of technology will progress to the point where it becomes almost a spiritual science.The unseen and seen merging together in into a seamless stream of intelligent consciousness.Again my own late night theories running amuck.However these type ideas are beginning to enter into the national conversation.Stay tuned.

Next blog will explore faith and religion vs transhumanist ideals.